portfolio: Cinewav


Role: CEO, UX/Visual Designer, Digital/Marketing Strategist

1 year, 2 months, 3 weeks and 4 days: this 14-month/1500 hour project began with an invitation to join the festival revolution VoD (video-on-demand) start-up, Cinewav©, during its raw conceptual stage. The invite was a consequence of my jack-of-all-trades skillset (UX, design, strategic thinking, digital strategy, marketing, etc) from web, mobile and software experience AND circa-2000 experience as co-founder of a Wicker Park-based record shop, The Quaker Goes Deaf, voted Chicago's #1 record store in its 3rd of operation.

Hence this project represents UX-specific work, but is presented also as a demonstration of the other skills I'm able to bundle with UX.

We took the project to Angel Investor Phase, with an initial commitment of $200k.

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Cinewav symmbiotic ecosystem UX diagram



  • Cinewav alpha website

    functional prototype
    (for investors)


  • Cinewav Business Plan

    business plan


  • Cinewav VoD Compettitve Analysis

    VoD competitive analysis


  • Cinewav Investor Presentation (short)

    investor presentation